My Spring Edition Room Tour

by - Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Hello Cutie! It has been awhile eh? I go through random spurts to clean my room which is rarely, bc.. most the time I have laundry and makeup everywhere LOL! Like I love being organized just lazy at times! Who isnt?! I do need to pick up the habit and keep it clean at all times though hehe! So my room is pretty small and I wish I had a makeup room like most makeup guru's do sigh... one day one day! Everything is pretty much the same! except now my comforters actually match the season? I have like 3... Weather here is so shitty!

My style choice in my room is a mixture of... victorian, shabby chic, lil princes type room haha! I like to surround myself with beautiful things like... If you seen howls moving castle I just love his room so magical and cozy! I mean thats a lot of cluster but still haha! Such a cluster of beautiful things! I wanted like a boutique type vibe as well! I am some what of a hoarder I suppose! and... pretty much everything in there I purchased with my own money unless it was gifted to me!

So this area is the cluster of pretty things haha! the wall I wanted to cover in a lot of frames and what have you, but not sure if it will just make my room feel even smaller... but this area is where i keep all my little things and jewelry! I love jewelry and displaying them like this helps me see what i want to wear!

This area is where I keep my makeup and hair products etc. I am not really in love with tis area.. Wish I can find wood drawer type stuff to organize my makeup! Like I dont like my white furniture pieces and wish everything matched my bed set, but for now it will be this mix of colos... Future place... I will make my makeup room all white and bedroom set woods and old antique feel!

Personally my favorite spot is my night stand area! I have three mirrors to help me put on my makeup LOL This is where I have my skincare items and what not and also where I put my makeup! So I have a makeup station area and then my skincare station lol! but yes this is my pretty corner where I do enjoy sitting! also my new area where I'll be filming.

If you missed out on the video, here is a in depth tour! Not like my last one which basically just shows you around (tried to do a artsy feel type video, but I guess a lot of u hated it lol) and i actually talk in this one so woop wooop! And in no way am i bragging about my room! You guys asked for it so i shall present it! I dont really care about the negative some of u will say i mean... it is my room not yours lol! i will do what i please and design it how i like! i do hope you enjoy seeing my humble abode!

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