HCG Journey Phase 2 Day 3

by - Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hello cutie! I weighed myself today and I dropped 2 pounds! but I shouldnt have skipped my dinner I feel super drained today ahaha! So I made sure I packed enough to eat today!

Todays Menu

1 cup blueberries (85 cal)
2 cups salad with 8 cherry tomatoes (50 cal)
100 grams cooked shrimp (99 cal)
3 Vitamin gummies (30 cal)
1 cup asparagus (27 cal)
100 grams bison (109 cal)
2 melba toast (40 cal)
1 small apple (78 cal)

Meal plan today is actually pretty tasty! I made a shrimp salad with a apple cider vinegar and lemon dressing and pretty much inhaled that bad boy haha! It was pretty hard to eat the blueberries this morning... Just felt kinda sluggish and fruits is not an everyday thing for me anyways so trying to incorporate them in is a struggle! I should make a video next time I meal prep and show you guys recipes I've collected hehe!

Dinner consist of bison and asparagus! I never had bison before so this is a treat! It is very lean and more flavorful than beef! It is pretty tasty and awesome to break away from eating chicken haha! I like how we are not too limited in our choices! I didnt sate the apasragus this time, just blanched them... forgot to season also haha so I sob a bit!

I also went shopping at the dollar tree for some sandwich baggies to pack and freeze my portions, but ended up walking out with a shit ton of stuff... LOL does anyone else have that problem? Should of bought all my spices here instead at walmart or etc so cheap! manage to find some broccoli as well! going to attempt and make yummy pizza with it next week!

Mood is pretty drained feeling! I read a message from him and it just made me some what relieved? I dont really want him to dip out my life completely slowly, but surely... A friendship can still remain.
My mother is starting to show some support and my dad is still like an asshole, but any support from my mom I always appreciate so I feel relieved when I meal plan shes also jumping on the prep wagon as well hehe! Life is slowly getting better and im going to be positive about everything that has happened to me! Even though.. I wont see my friends as much... I just hope they understand I have to go through with this! Because im pretty sure I will slip back to my old ways if I start going out haha!

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