HCG Journey Phase 2 Day 1

by - Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hello cutie! Here is my day one entry! I am starting the HCG journey finally after months of like stuck on phase 1 LOL!!!! Like im not going to lie about it.... I have this thing for food... its so good and comforting and cooking geez I love to cook, but I am getting older now and my body is like not breaking down things and after 25 it goes downhill so why did I pick such a harsh diet? I tried many... I did the gym and everything, but the results were not so rewarding like... I wanted it fast... Like I am not the thinnest asian, im pretty fluffy all around which is fine I think all shapes and sizes are beautiful, but I want to get at a certain image to be happy and more confident because if you watch my videos I dont really show myself like negative comments sometimes get to me so I want to change. For the better and be happy and make more videos and actually enjoy it! Plus im just getting tired of my life and how it was... I was really a very unhappy person surrounded by very negative ppl, like I have no support from my family and they kinda just always knocked me down, but I realize like... I am not living for them and its time I live for myself and my goals... SOOOOO with that being said... I have to work hard and this hcg journey my friends did it and look amazing and I am determined to go through with this!

I did research on it and got the drops from the sunflower shop so I will do the 20 day challenge and if im still not to my goal I'll go to the 40 day challenge! Its an extreme low calorie diet and when I measured my meals and tried to prep I was like whoa... these portions are crazy! Not going to lie... first day was pretty painful LOL prepping took forever! Theres debate on not having breakfast but u can have unlimited intake of coffee or tea... no sugar... T_T I am also confused with veggie portion on this... 1 cup is one serving but how the hell do u measure lettuce? I bought a lot of veggies, seafood, and portioned my chicken... this is all for just one week or two geez... lol

Meal for today
2 serving chicken
1 serving chopped asparagas
1 bowl salad and cherry tomatos (pretty small bowl... )
1 orange
1 apple
1 melba toast
1 bottle water (ugh i need to drink more! not a fan of water sobbing)
so my grand total give or take is 494? 

I am only suppose to eat 500 calories and with the drops! I also take vitamin gummies c and d! I think i will take biotin as well since im pretty sure my hair will fall out even more... my hair is naturally thin. Hopefully I can do this for 20 days like all im going off of is myself and supporting myself lol I hope with just that, I will succeed! and also writing on here will help me as well! My sleep pattern is really bad also so i need to fix that haha! I dont sleep till around 6 am? and i wake up around 12-1 in the afternoon... its really bad I know, but I quit my job and now working for my parents so tomorrow or later on today I should say... I have to work a 10 hour shift... Well that is about it! I am actually eating my "dinner" at  3 am LOL I cant force myself to sleep... Hopefully i'll tire myself out tomorrow and fix my sleep sched! If you guys know any recipes or anything or more info or even doing it too or did it hehe! Oh and I also bought a nice scale for food and to weight myself (forgot to weigh myself before I ate omo) I am really excited about this journey!

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