I Am Merman! Updates on me

by - Saturday, March 15, 2014

Here is an update on me other than my ridonkulous diet, I have been planning my summertime activities! Did I mention I have blue hair now? Well many shades haha It still needs a lot of tweeking, but the place where I buy my color wont get a new shipment of it till next week... SO I have been sporting this wild greenish teal blue hair for a week now haha! I get all these stares from older folks and little girls come up to me saying they like it... im just in an awkward time... haha! Thankfully though, my hair isnt crazy damaged! I am thankful I still have hair still from all the coloring ive done... Like trying to keep up with trends and standing out is tiring! Originally I wanted purple hair, but so many ppl either have purple, pink, red so out of comfort zone and sporting a greenish blue neck, I picked blue lol.

Other than my hair change and my life stylel changes, I found cheap flight to seattle in july and im so excited! I will stop at la for an hour? I wish I can have a longer flight delay... never been to cali! I have so many friends there... I would like to hangout so badly! But the reason why I am going to seattle? I LOVE seattle! It is srsly so beautiful! I dont mind the rainy days and their summer... The fresh air and trees and beautiful scenery.... not to mention so many daiso stores! and good food omo im getting so excited ahahhaa and i will be going to canada van city for a bit as well! If a friend of mine comes with me to seattle... We will road trip to cali! I hope she does come through though! So much site seeing, meeting friends, eating all sorts of goodies... I cannot wait! But for now I am laying low and saving up for my summer fun! I will also do videos for you guys soon hehe

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