HCG Phase 2 Day 6

by - Saturday, March 15, 2014

I stalled I did it to myself haha! Thinking I didnt have to take all my drops.... and eating less... NOT A GOOD IDEA! I am sad... I srsly want to lose 40lbs in the 40 day time period... I wonder if I can extend this without doing phase 3 right after? I heard about a 90 day phase 2, but u might stall... SOOO many ifs!

Todays Menu
100 grams bison
1/2 cup asparagus
100 grams chicken
2 cups spinach & arugula
6 cherry tomatoes
1 melba toast

I just dont feel like eating today... I feel like im forcing myself to eat through this stuff? Or i should just eat more salad lol! The steam veggies are starting to get to me, that like sick of eating it too much? Anything soggy texture just isnt good! I will meal prep tomorrow so ill make a video for that! sorry my post is so bland im just feeling kinda gloomy with stalling and weather...

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