Hcg Journey Phase 2 Day 5 Broccoli Pizza?!?!

by - Friday, March 14, 2014

Today is friday! Cant believe this week has flown by! I weighed myself and I went down 2lbs so in total I am losing a pound a day? I think I am getting the hang of this stuff and I was scared I wasnt eating enough on this diet, but really you dont have to eat 500 bc sometimes... measurements can exceed that in my case, and I will just stall which is a no no! I wanted to do some tutorials today but my family came home early so no recording till next week sobs! Everyone is on spring break and I am pretty gloomy... It is either sxsw or anime matsuri... I didnt sign up for a table this year since... Anime ppl dont really like  my cute in style creations? LOL just being honest... I am not artistic enough! I am waiting for my tax returns to come back so I can get my ticket to seattle.. Aunty pulled out last minute since cousin cant make it till winter break? But I promise to meet ppl already and planned things so I cant go back on it.

Todays Menu
100 grams tilapia ( 129 cal )
1 broccoli pizza ( 162 cal )
1 cup asparagus ( 27 cal )
2 melba toast ( 40 cal )
3 vitamin gummies ( 30 cal )
1 small tangerine ( 37 cal )
4 cups green tea
grand total: 425

Since its friday I cannot eat meat so its only seafood! I am not a fan of cabbage... Or I made it too spicy but the texture is no bueno... So I will op out strawberries and cabbage from this recipe... I decided to try and make a broccoli pizza~ I saw a recipe on youtube and well... mine didnt come out like hers? I also made my own pizza sauce too which tasted pretty yummy! Idk how to really calorie count this sucker... but i just looked up what i used? which was egg, broccoli, tomatoes came to 162? I'll try to make this again and make a video for you guys! I wish There was more ppl I can interact with haha I did find a forum, but for some reason I cannot post threads or anything....

I am also eating tilapia for dinner tonight and here is a recipe I used! I found this online and its pretty simple and fast to make. It calls for like garlic and onions after u sate and in the baking sheet? But I had some already pre cooked! You may also use fresh herbs as well!

On a good note! I am feeling great! A pound a day is awesome! I dont think I'll be mixing my vegetables next week? Unless the recipe calls for it bc I want to lose weight faster... I read a girl lost like... 16 lbs in 6 days the hell is this!????!?! Ugh my body come come now lets get to crackin lol! I cannot wait to be done with phase 2 and adding in a workout regimen!

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