HCG Journey Phase 2 Day 7 One Week Down

by - Sunday, March 16, 2014

I feel super happy after my weigh in today! for some reason i am down 8 lbs? Crazy right? I am also on my woman cycle and I also read up girls actually lose more during this time! I am super excited I honestly feel like I will get to my goal in time for everything and actually get my life together! Journey to love myself and be comfortable in my own skin... I do not recommend this diet for ppl who are already at a healthy weight! This is super drastic! For my height and age my weight is not on the healthy side huehuehue I blame the... going out for drinks and late meals... Not to mention I was barely active as well! When I am finished with my hcg I will start training at the gym! working out does feel great and toning myself will be a struggle, but I am motivated more than anything! No more empty promises, no more ppl talking about me, no more excuses! It is also really great that my co workers are in a health nut phase with me as well! They are great support and I am super stoked! SO for my one week down I have lost 13 lbs! I am getting to my goal!

Todays Menu
1/2 asian pear  ( 25 cal )
2 meals turkey soup with veggies ( 310 cal )
3 vitamin gummies ( 30 cal ) 
2 melba toast ( 40 cal )
grand total: 405 calories

It is a really cold day so I wont be grocery shopping and prepping till tomorrow! I learned you may use cooked meat but measure it out by 3oz which is totally fine! Mom boiled some turkey and made turkey broth so I have soup for days! I have been craving pho and congee a lot... so this should suffice! I will try to go to central market and buy some bison and grass fed beef which I am excited to make chili and other things!

mood~ I am almost at the weight where I was in high school LOL! This is srsly so exciting! I mean I didnt gain weight drastically until my twenties... Like I use to be good at maintaining my weight... I honestly dont eat much thats why im doing so well on this diet, its just that my metabolism is excruciatingly slow and not being super active doesnt help either, but all of that will change soon! I will also try weight watchers after phase 4 so it will be easier to calorie count and what not. I also want to try corset training? I love the hourglass figure and what better time to do it than now? I am looking up on it, but stuff is super pricey!

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