HCG Journey Phase 2 Day 2

by - Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ok bad idea sleeping for an hour when you have a 10hr shift... not to mention my morning was hectic so i didnt eat till around 1? but I was starving and didnt want to wait 30 min for the drops to kick in for first meal so I had my fruit for breakfast which was a cup of blueberries? My sleepless night consisted of looking at recipes on youtube and phase 2 is no joke! and its not limited so I am really excited to try to make other things vs just chicken and shrimp..... I would get sick of it so fast!!!!

Menue for today:
1 cup blueberries (85 cal)
1 cups asparagus (27 cal)
100 grams chicken (110 cal)
1 melba toast (20 cal)
3 vitamin gummies c and d (30 cal)
1 cup green tea

I went grocery shopping at central market and found some bison brisket? 9$ for a pound? which is ok? I mean I will get a few meals out of it! I also found amino acid spray, salt substitute, green tea and strawberries were on sale! so my grocery shopping cost about 25$ After shopping went home and prepped haha i know its like wth should of did this sunday but I was somewhat not prepared! Took me about 2 hours to prep and then I passed out as soon as I hit my bed so I missed out taking my drops and dinner.... I sobbing... so my calorie intake is super low but meal  prepping is the shit! and hopefully I will like bison... suppose to be more leaner and more flavorful than beef!

So I prepped on monday and tuesday which consist of chicken, shrimp, bison with cabbage, asparagas and salads! For fruits I have apples, blueberries, and strawberries that I put in the freezer! Its lent season so I will eat my seafood on fridays (not a crazy shrimp fan) Now that I know what to do I will do my shopping and prepping on sunday since it is really an off day for me! first week is pretty stressful not going to lie! I weighed myself tuesday morning and I lost a pound! I am scared I might stale since I am not really awared of portions and looking them up online it varies so hopefully im not going over 500! I looked up the book and he doesnt say that its not bad to eat under 500 calories, but going over is no bueno!

My mood and how I am doing? Second day wasnt so bad! I just need to drink more water and take my drops at appropriate times. I feel really liberated being single like I was super unhappy with this person for a good while and it wasnt healthy.... But you know because of what happened to us it just makes me work harder on myself, to go on a journey to love myself, bc I haveny loved myself in a long time and it is time for change. I cant wait for things to happen anymore!

Next week meals... I would like to try using grass fed lean beef and make chilis, cabage rolls, veggie pizza, tilapia. I am so happy we get to season the crap out of this stuff lol! I also decided to do phase 2 for 40 days which is the max! so around mid april I will be done and start phase 3! I will also start training with a personal trainer (perks of family owned vitamin shops and body builder employees AHHAHA) It is about to be 5am... need to get the rest of my sleep and start my day! Life is going to be great!

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