HCG Journey Phase 2 Day 8 Tarot readings and testing cooked meat

by - Monday, March 17, 2014

Weighed myself and I gained 2lbs haha! These testing out the waters is messing me up! Measurement for cooked meat I will bring it down to only eating 2oz. It was so much easier to eat up cooked meat thats already prepared for u! It is ok I still lost quite a few poundage! Learning learning learning! I dont think eating to 500 is necessary unless you are more heavier set than yes you might need it, but for me im ok with less than 400 just to be on safe side! Today is the day where I will be doing tutorials since I am lacking in it! Getting that DIY bug lately so hehe!

Todays Menu
1 turkey soup ( 140 cal )
1 hard boiled egg ( 50 cal )
2 melba toast ( 40 cal )
3 vitamin gummies ( 30 cal )

Meal today is pretty lazy... Not a lot of calories.. I am just not  as hungry as I use to be. The drops really help curb appetite! Cold weather calls for soupy meals! And I do miss eggs on my diet. I always dream I am cheating or weighing myself or messing up on the diet is that normal? Like thats pretty much my dream everyday LOL! Obsessive much yes! I am so crazy!

I have been doing tarot card reading on myself and my journey, plus my on hiatus relationship and I always get the same thing... money, family problems, problems with a diminishing relationship and it honestly breaks my heart! Because I worked so hard to maintain this relationship... To try my best to strive for a life I want and be comfortable in I will always have problems with him and family... I ask a dear friend of mine why is this happening and she is more skilled in this than I, told me self reading... The cards are more telling about the person vs... about the situation... So the money and family is me and the other things, the masculine things is him.  I remember my first read a friend of mine did for me... for my future is bright with someone who is well off and I will have a happy life! No stress no worries... So I am really having my heart set on that happiness and working hard on myself! If my readings are really reflecting of myself... I will do better I will.

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