Laura Geller Baked Confections

by - Friday, January 31, 2014

OK you guys know I am a HUUUUUUGE sucker for packaging and baked anything always A ok in my book! I love the box theres little macaroons and the packaging for the products are full sized so... for $50 dollar range is decent! It comes with a color correcting foundation, blush and eyeshadow trio with gloss and two brushes, mind you one is retractable sooo easy to throw in your bag!

here are the color swatches! It is super pigmented as you can see! The foundation one I had to layer a bit so you can see in the photos but other than that everything is alright! I enjoy the blush most of all! The eyeshadow itself is super pigmented no primer on my arm so I give it a plus plus! So if you want to start out this is a nice kit or even collecting wise I like it!

The gloss is srsly!!! I love glosses that aren't sticky and this one is not! Goes on so smoothly and thin like? I cant explain it, but it just goes on nicely and pigmented nude gloss as well! I am really impressed with Laura Geller product and would recommend it! I had... a foundation from them in the past, but trying this product I really will start using their other stuff!

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