HCG Journey Phase 2 Day 4

by - Thursday, March 13, 2014

I am so sad! I gained a pound! Does that mean I stalled? I think I ate more than two melba toasts... It was crumbled up sobbing... So with that and eating the apple, I think I ate over 500... Bad on my end for not being careful! Hopefully I can get right back on track from this or I will be so discouraged! I took off today to just cook and prep and make a few videos on my diet and meals.

Todays Menu
4 large strawberries ( 24 cal ) 
100 grams bison ( 109 cal )
100 grams tilapia (129 cal )
1 cup cabbage ( 65 cal )
1 cup asparagus ( 27 cal )
2 melba toast ( 40 cal )
3 vitamin gummies (30 cal )
6 cups of green tea
grand total: 424 calories consumed

So for lunch I had my bison and asparagus and for dinner I tried out this herb tilapia recipe and going to eat it with a salad! Tomorrow is friday so no meats! I will most likely have shrimp and tilapia tomorrow! I like my fish more on the crunchier side and I wanted to cook it longer than recipe called for! If u want it more soft and juicy just sate quicker and add to oven with veggie broth or plain water. As for the tea thing... Idk I can only drink super cold stuff? Like hot drinks just make me feel sick for some reason... This applies to coffee or teas! I added my strawberries to my tea and eating them with no joy HAHAHA

My mood for today... I rather be safe than sorry! Plus I am not that hungry today... Pretty sad about the mistake I did yesterday! Hope I can make it up today! I am not a fan of strawberries at all lol! I thought freezing them and let it make its own syrup would make it sweet NOPE SOOOO SOUR! ugh... I deslike strawberries... even though my name LOL piinkstrawberii I like it with cream or sugar, but sadly cant have those...

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