starting today...

by - Wednesday, October 01, 2008

ill be on my blog more. why? because I'm getting bored of myspace and i love to write to hmmm de-stress :] sooo what have i been up to lately? i am working two jobs, trying to go to school, and babysit on my days off x_x its a busy sched... i feel like an old lady... sleep early and wake up at 5am. yup i have old lady syndrome!!!

sooo ive been obsessing with kawaii style now... i really want to dye my hair that orange/brown color and start tanning jiust a bit bc my skin is like... un even tones... like a farmers tan i think? so yes.... kawaii obesessions... i love their nail art! and deco... my goal is to deco the whole world in pink and rhinestones hehe

this was a q-tip box that is now my brush box hehe i was bored... and was watching stuff on youtube and this chick like had a table filled with pink things and alot of rhinestones! i want to have a table filled of cute stuff starting now :D

and i also did my nails yesterday :] i love shimmery off black polishes and alot of nail designs! i want to order nail deco molds soon! they are 20 bucks each bleh and i want so many! im always doin my nails... every week its somethin differnt hehe im just sooo in love with the japanese fashion! im currently trying to do my eye makeup, but it isnt coming out the way i wanted.... ill buy more lashes soon i supose! maybe that would help me achieve the look alot better~
well that is all for today :] its my off day so im babysitting and going to do errands in a little bit >_< have to get ready hehe bye loves!

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