shopping spree

gawd... i swear i cant save my money!!! i spent 200+ today.. BY MYSELF! what did i buy? alot of stuff im sure i well no i did need some but still! kinda upset with myself... plus my car died on me so i had to go get a battery well haha my uncle did! its good to have uncles that own car shops eh??? but yeah... went to sephora today and bought viva la juicy perfume which smells amazing!!! smashbox o-glow gloss which is pretty cool.. comes out clear and ends up an amazing pink on your lips! um there waterproof eyeliner pot and i got some sephora body and nail stuff which equaled me to 114. after that... went to hmart and bought some purikuras which was 30, went to gift shop and bought bf some candy and a hello kitty lunch box so 40 something andddd i bought grey circle lenses that came up 60 sooo yeah im so sad T_T but idkkk haha i always do this to myself!

but the nail stuff came in im so excited! the molds i thought would be bigger but i guess thats still fine! the lady gave me discount! so happy... its 20 and she gave it to me for 12 bucks :D:D:D and for the pearls she gave me pink ones for free... so yeah check out the two sites i wrote down on my other entry! pearls are so cheap! sooo yeah tiring day... i dont like curling my hair... makes me look so chubby T_T super chubby T_T im not feeling well bleh guess i should sleep early! everyone is out of town in my house and i am home all alone bleh

Phiphi Nguyen

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KC said...

You are adorable. Just found your blog. I love rhinestones and kawaii nailart too. Can't wait to see use your nail art molds. I've been looking into acrylic powder but have't actually stepped into a nail store to purchase it. I think I'm going to get some expert advice before I make any purchases. But I'm interested in those pearls, so cute!