gloomy weather gets me...

by - Thursday, October 16, 2008

today is just not my day... people just bugging me left and right at work D; and... i was just grumpy all day mhm... thats what i get for working for my mom -_-

and i feel so gross lately... need to join the gym! just wish i had someone to go with and be my motivation! i just get sooo tired after work... and have to wake up early all the time! sooo not a morning person at all D;
but yeah... other than that im kinda glad i have friday off :] going to hmart and visit my friend hehe
ohhh! so yeah state fair was ok! food and stuff was freakn expensive!!! and what is with the traffic? crazy stuff hehe well anyways i bought my siblings little stuff from the shops and i bought myself a ring for me and my bf laaa~
isnt it cuuute? 5 monthsss! i also bought this sushi kit that was 49 bucks... came with alot of stuff and ive been really into making bento lunches lately... haha and the guy that was selling it was sooo funny! so yeah i spent like... 100 bucks on siblings and i. shopped, ate alot of foods, went on a few rides... i guess thats okie eh?

i cant seem to save my money up... i went to delias today and bought a little muffler and two skinny jeans... 98 bucks aish... and tomorow i get another paycheck and i am in need of some more lenses... i know some ladies been asking me for colors sooo what i have currently is barbie brown and black. they are too cutesie? i want some... grey ones tehe

alrighty loves... im about to try to learn how to do layouts for this or get a better hang of the bloggie X]
im more of a xanga/myspace type... love making layouts and what not... and eh going to take me sometime to get use to blog! love it though... i like writingg out my stress :]

OK!!!! so i noticed that u cant comment on old style blog? or it might be this layout idk... but u can write me in my little message board to your left side! and aw man theres like no borders on pics... oh well lmao but yeah... i made gifs... and here is a snapshot of it... bf gave me some of his camwhore pics XDDDD

aw oops hearts are a little off haha alrighty dears its off to bed! thanks for stopping by! i think i out did myself on learning all this blogger... layout stuff in one day! ahuh ahuh only bummer is that u guys cant comment... oh wells ><

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