i need to grow up!

by - Monday, October 27, 2008

mmm... yup after... listening to everyone about how bad the economy is and how i cant move out on my own really... puts a downer on me. i reeeeeally want to prove them wrong about me... i really want to change for the best and be a better person, i really do. bleh im going to stop buying all the new makeup that comes out and start paying off bills and save up so that i can move out and be comfortable about it! parents salons are not doing so hot since things are getting bad and i hate seeing my mom so tired all the time >_< im going to try not to be so hard on her and nag like i always do?? its just hard cuz i guess im the stress reliever? parents always yellin at me over every little things! back then it was bad... i always felt like crap and had a very bad mouth, i still do! im trying not to, just bad habits. mmm well because my parents like to relieve their stress on me and that i have a bad mouth because of it i had to move out. idk i dont like people walking all over me ._. so i talk back! family tends to do it all the time... im kinda tired of it... that is why i want to move out so bad?? on days i have off im looking for apartments

sorry... im just... writing it out makes me feel better... sometimes i cant voice the things i really want to be heard and i just feel better afterwards :]

so yeah! im going to be better with my spendings! i have soo much makeup and clothes... dont have any space to put them! room is a mess ehhh ._.
so many things to dooo so much on my shoulders >_< just hope things will get better in the future!

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