not enough...

by - Sunday, October 26, 2008

ok so ill change this subj. ill wait till the end to see how many people join my contest! i shall have more faith! more faith!!! im missing my bf right now so bummed out! well kk ladies going apartment hunting and cook something for my little cousin :D

mmm stressful weekend! babysitting six kids plus work is not fun! only day off is on wed... T_T
but... im ok! i went to jcpenny and they have all these sales... its a good bingo!!! bought a 3$ mag full of stuff and found the CUTEST bed set ever!!! and its like 90 something bucks!!! i didnt know jcpenny got all these elegant amazingly cuuute furniture!

pillows not on sale, but i want em haha XDDDD im going to order it next week but yeah... alot of cuute bedding! im obsessed with home decor lately... im like daydreaming how my apartment would look once i save up enough money and have a better life style hehe. like... i have so many magazine pages in a folder! thats how... excited i am! i like the... elegant look with pinks and creams omggg <3333>hehehe ok ladies... sorry that ive been busy! i bought alot of makeup stuff so ill try to make one soon <3>

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