late haul neh? and future buys oh and random ness

by - Wednesday, October 29, 2008

im really lazy with the vids im sorry! but yeah contest is almost over and i already fell in love with alot of em! hehe so yeah late haul on my makeup... today i have day off so i decided to show u what i bought and swatches hehe need to do some serious cleaning in my room ._. and i think im getting the hang of this blogger stuff! html though... still need to play around with ><;; i love making layouts and fun stuff like that <3>

this is so adorable! i like the music box hehe the eyeshadows are shimmery and theres lip glosses and bronzer/blushes on the side. very cute for gifts! 42$ and the swatches are ok hehe i like the shimmery shades :] sooo this is something cute :D

urban decays holiday makeup set? I LOVE IT!!! its sooo purty! and the colors aree amazing! its kinda nifty too! has this pop up thing going and a mirror :D my favorite colors are gridlock, smog, absinthe, and scandal <3333>

im in like major cleaning mode... i decided to like put all my jewelery in individual bagies? why? so they wont tarnish and ruin all of them! :]
so ok heres all the things for the winners?? YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! bought alot of stuff mhm mhm mhm! im excited :D its like beauty package hehe
cuuuute right? found the top at target ._______. i was looking for sweats and i found this! its so hime right? plus i found cute necklace and bracelet at wet seal ^0^ im thinking about being a hime gyaru for halloween hehe we will see :D or a cat! idk!
kk i blabbed for an hour or this took me an hour... so need to clean! im really excited on my contest and i bought more stuff to mail out to my lovely winners! till next time! ^0^

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