trying to be on my own

by - Tuesday, October 21, 2008

bleh tired of living by other peoples rules... i just really really want to move out! its not that im not grateful that i have a place to stay its just... im constantly doing things for them and i need a life too! i feel like... i wasted my life pretty much just watching over kids and always having to be home :[[[ im about to be 21 soon! i just want to finish school and get on with my life by myself bleh.... sorry writing is my only stress relief! cant always nag to bf... or friends.. kinda just tell me the same thing over and over.. >_<

well... today i was doin nail art all dayyyy! i was trying out my 3-d nail art molds and i bought some press on nails to maybe sell?? hehe ive always wanted to do that... people always want me to do their nails wahaha and maaaaaaybe i can see if... my idea is ok hehe the rose mold... i cant do it!!! so freakn hard... just wanted to throw the damn thing at someone! XDDDD
but i think i did pretty good! im proud of myself ^0^
hope tomorow is a better day :] going to search for apartments before work X_X good night babes <3

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