by - Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Dear blog,
Sorry I havnt been writing! Been busy I guess. Work for mother again! She owns day spas and I've been on and off working for her for... 4 years now :] and im going to cosmo school atm. I guess u can say I wanna do fam business... kinda... I just really want to own my own mini shopping center.. Hmm like a china town hehe! Or be a stay at home mommy and just shop and hehe all that good stuff :D
I am iffy about having kids... im always surrounded by them! I have a lot of cousins... my aunts and uncle have 3 to 6 kids so yeah... many many cousins! I want to travel and such before I start a family or that's what I hope for!
Told my bf I just wanna stay home and go shopping? But only way I can is giving him babies -_- loool T_T
Hehe ehhh I wouldn't mind I guess!
Alright my dear blog ill write more soon!

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