sluggish mondays

by - Monday, October 20, 2008

i hate feeling lazy when i know i have a lot to do! it just makes me mad that i have to rush at the end of the day... need to go get a docs note, get my eye drops at pharm, look at apartments all before 3. why? because i babysit my precious little cousin hehe! so i went shopping yesterday like always... cant seem to not shop? shopaholic much? yeah... like... my wallet is anorexic!

bought zebra bag at windsors omg... its so big... love big bags!!! 39$ ive been looking for zebra bag that looks... not so cheap and more stylish hehe

bare mineral buffing brush collectionnnn!!! this is such a freakn awsome deal!!! 65$ for buki brush, angles blush brush, tapered shadow brush, crease defining, and slanted eyeliner brush! plus it comes with a cute bag... the brushes feel great and they look niiice!

mmmm dolce cabbana love this cologne!!! bought it for the bf haha. now he can smell sexy like matthew mcconaugHeyyyyyy hehe

k... this stuff is for chicken skin. what is it? its like these goosbumps on your body that stays all year round? if that makes any sense... im like the wierdo in the family that got these amazing genes... so does my gma.... she said im allergic to cow... LOL like meat, dairy and all that good stuff?! if i stop then the bumps will go away... but i love milk and i like me some meat... so yeah bought this cream and lets see how it works out for me neh? gotta put on twice daily and i was supose to buy the body scrub with it... so i guess next pay check i shall ._.

alright ladies! here is just a few things i have for the contest! mascara, lip balms, eyeshadows, mac brushes that i dont use, makeup remover. this is all for now! im sill building up on it so bare with me for a little bit!

so tired and hungry right now... i need to go look at a couple of apartments later on :] i just really want to be on my own! about to be 21! oooo wehe my aunt is going to take me to vegas!!! im so... excited! i like to gamble a little yes... and i love to shop yes... hmmm i love seeing me some shows! circus o watever... GOOD BINGO!!! i dont drink so dont think im bad girl ._. idk its so nasty to me D: i like sweet drinks like coffees or sodas! yes... bad weakness... im sure if i cut those out ill lose like all my fat... hehe ohh yeah im still trying to fix my page up... html is no fun sometimes... and yeah trying to make it easier for viewers and more eye candy rather than an eye sore?? whoa... i had to read that one twice ><;; sorry my... writing is bad i know i know... <3

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