japanese deco obsession

by - Friday, October 17, 2008

heyo heyo! ok so i love watching himehood on youtube and all her cratft cuuute stuff! wish i knew how to sow -_- i swear i can't do anything that i have in mind! it never comes out as nice and the thread omg.. always comes undone bleh... i think ill take a sowing class at joannes hehe

so yeah... lately... ive been deco crazed... i really want to do my nails, phone, little things, mirrors, phone charms... im like craft crazed! i just dont really know how?? like for the nails...

look at that? isnt that the cutest thing u ever seen? i tried to do that myself but making 3d is so hard... and im kinda of a nail art junkie and... the place i work at... nobody really knows how to make it T_T i can do like daisy flowers and hearts, but they are like... one is bigger than the other and haha not so cute! sooo i found a site that sells the molds to do it! sucha great thing! and they gave me a discount? the lady said it was cuz she wanted more ppl to know i guess so heres the site! i got them for 12 bucks each ^0^ oh and the second link sells like... parts? idk you will see what im talking about... plus its cheap!


maaaaan look at that! i want to know what its made out of! polymer clay?? silicone?? acrylic?? polymer is so iffy.... its clay and it could break... i made my bf a charm and idk... it doesnt give a great like apperance? like u see my finger prints on it and ehhh it bothered the crap out of me ><;; and the acrylic... oh lord... silicone though... i wanna try that out! ehhh... so difficult T-T but i guess ill still try! need the funds lmao ;DDDD

idk... today is my day off so im going to take some purikura with my friends and buy some more food to make bentos haha :D maybe afterwards go to asian thrift town and see if they have any little nick nacks to make my decos ;3 i shall post them up later loves! xoxo

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