ugh.... feel so down!

went clubbing yesterday? did not like it at all?? it was pack and there were alot of family members there so it was wierd? legs are still hurting... and the people i went with... use to be realyl snotty to me when i was a kid? so yeah not a fun night... dont really want to get into it ><;;
sooo yeah im feeling really blue today... i viewed some of my own videos and i just... look so gross -_-;; makes me really want to cry... its hard to be strong when people always have something to say you know? i cant help but to let myself just feel like shit by the end of the day sometimes... words can hurt.... so thats why i dont posts many videos because i feel so insecure about myself... and u guys will prob tell me i shouldnt and what not... i hear it alot, but im just lilke that?? all my life ive been like that...

sucha depressing post... but i guess on the brighter side... im still deciding who should win my contest... its so hard to pick... everyone did a really great job! i asked my bf and friend to help me vote... they... haha are dorks :] soooo ill post winner soon just gimme a little more time!

Phiphi Nguyen

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porchap said...

Aww dear~ Don't worry!

This is how I think! Everytime someone is hatin' me I'd be like:

"Betchhhhhh. *snapsfingers* You only making me more famoussssss. uhhh huhhhhhh. *winks*"

Then they'd be like:

"uhh... wth... o_o;; *slowly backs away or comes up with some lame comebacks"

But yes~ Don't worry about! Don't feel self conscious about yourself! You must feeeel gooooood and embrace yourself! I am sure there are more people that likes you than hates you. SO don't worry about it! Keep doing what you love to do and ignore the rude comments and jeers and once you're on the very top you could be all, HA! Take that people who discouraged or made fun of me!! I AM MORE OF A SUCCESS THAN YOU!!!

++ To overcome all of the haters would totally boost your self-confidence and empower you!!

Don't let yourself feel like shit! Because then that would mean all the rude things that people say are working on you! DON'T LET THEM GET TO YOU!!


Wow, that was an extremely very long comment. But I wished to share you it~ ^^;

Have a great day hun and always think positively!

~random reader of your blog