Taste of Dallas: Blue Fish

by - Monday, January 06, 2014

Hello! I wanted to do a food section on my blog? Like recipes i've made or places i've gone to in my area that would maybe interest anyone that is in Texas or visiting! So this post will be about blue fish! My friend worked there so she wanted me to try it out and I have to say this place is sooo good! Rarely do I eat a lot of sushi bc my stomach cant really handle too much of a good thing? But I manage to eat a lot of it which surprised me a bit! I usually only eat one or two rolls and I am done haha! The atmosphere itself is nice as well! and the staff is really nice and my cup srsly was never emptied! A plus in my book! Ok so onto what we ate...

Sundae Roll
This is a popular roll and for good reasons haha it has shrimp temupra, cream cheese, snow crab mix, topped with crab sticks and sauces were eal, mayo, spicy chili. I am not a fan of any type of cream cheese in my sushi roll, but it was not over powering in this roll what so ever! It is a very savory and sweet roll I really liked it haha! 

Rainforest Roll
This roll I swear is bomb.com! Another signature roll that is so delicious! This roll comes with shrimp tempura, avocado topped with atlantic scottish salmon and spicy tuna, and sauces is a martini and eel sauce yum!

Rock Manhattan
My favorite roll! This thing is crazy big and has a lot of everything in it! I mean you can call this a meal pretty much hahaha! What it comes with... Shrimp tempura, snow crab mix, fresh jalapeno topped with spicy tuna and crab stick, three types of caviar and sauces are a creamy wasabi, eel sauce, spicy mayo and sriracha. The photos dont serve it justice lol! plus forgot to take photo with the caviar which they added later oops!

Salmon and Yellow Tail Roll
I usually always get raw fish type rolls like these and I think they are fine! No fishy taste what so ever and it taste fresh! Presentation wise... lol these kinda lack, but it taste good none the less 

Spider Roll
Another staple roll I always order! It is tempura soft shell crab, avacado and cucumber with a very yummy honey miso sauce (LOVE THIS SAUCE) 

 Perks of having a friend work here... we got the hookups on dessert! NOM! She got tempura ice cream with cinnamon ice cream which is nice! I thought this was ok? it kinda got soggy and the cinnamon im not a fan of, but I mean... it is such a hard thing to make! i tried to make this back in the day and it was a disaster huehuehue, but this was pretty good!

 I ordered this wonderful tower of goodness! Its like a wonton and berry tower thing sorry i forgot the name but it has custard in every level of wonton and your choice of ice cream at the bottom!  I was extremely stuffed, but the first few bites were delicious!

All in all the rolls are decently priced and the atmosphere is lovely too! the staff is really friendly and I wouldnt mind coming here for my sushi fix from now on! Sorry about the shitty phone quality photos... forgot to bring my dslr camera huhuhu next time! ill try to bring it and take more professional eyegasmic photos hehe!

 eel sauce and mayo sauce

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