My Birthday

by - Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hello cutie! So this year... I learned... Or I should say I know who I want and need in my life and those people always come through for me so I am so thankful for my friends and family! Been through a lot and I couldnt ask for more! I dont need a huge group of fake people soooo I am so thankful and would do anything for these people! Every year I usually have like a birthday dinner and this year it was at a korean bbq place which is delicious! Its always good having good company and full tummies!

I also celebrated a mini dinner with my family and this cake I only get to have once a year haha it is soooo amazing!!! I had this cake since I was a little phi! This place been here forever and I swear its amazing haha! Its super light and spongy! I cant eat sweets much since it just doesnt agree with me and I cant stomach, but things that are light and made well I am down for! I am picky eater haha

I recieved more money than gifts so here is a short video on things I received from family and friends!

Now that I am a year older and super sad about lol... Life goes by so fast after high school so you youngins.... enjoy that youth!!! I set up goals for myself and hopefully... things will fall into place! I am like a turtle in the race, but I know I am destined to succeed in what I want! praying that this year will be good to me huehue!

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