My Birthday

Hello cutie! So this year... I learned... Or I should say I know who I want and need in my life and those people always come through for me so I am so thankful for my friends and family! Been through a lot and I couldnt ask for more! I dont need a huge group of fake people soooo I am so thankful and would do anything for these people! Every year I usually have like a birthday dinner and this year it was at a korean bbq place which is delicious! Its always good having good company and full tummies!

I also celebrated a mini dinner with my family and this cake I only get to have once a year haha it is soooo amazing!!! I had this cake since I was a little phi! This place been here forever and I swear its amazing haha! Its super light and spongy! I cant eat sweets much since it just doesnt agree with me and I cant stomach, but things that are light and made well I am down for! I am picky eater haha

I recieved more money than gifts so here is a short video on things I received from family and friends!

Now that I am a year older and super sad about lol... Life goes by so fast after high school so you youngins.... enjoy that youth!!! I set up goals for myself and hopefully... things will fall into place! I am like a turtle in the race, but I know I am destined to succeed in what I want! praying that this year will be good to me huehue!

Phiphi Nguyen

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Dishevelled Diamond said...

Happy birthday phiphi! The perfume you got looked absolutely awesome, it looks hella expensive lol. I hope you're healthy & happy! Keep up with the diet & exercise my girl, you have a beautiful personality and deserve everything you want. I know it doesn't seem like much but you've reached thousands of people with your videos- that's a lot of people who have seen you, liked you, and sent good thoughts your way. You keep fighting the good fight for another year, and make this the year you come out on top xxx