Journey with My Nonexistent Eyebrows

by - Sunday, January 19, 2014

I am pretty sure... A lot of people have the same issues as I do and the fact that I am asian (vietnamese) and what all us girls with this nonexistent brow problem tend to go towards getting them tattoo'd which is what I'll do in the near future when I'm older! Its just easier that way, but for now I will take an extra step in my makeup routine and do my brows, which for me takes the longest to do! Everything has to look even, precise, same length, etc! God knows I wish I could have thick eyebrows... My cousins are so lucky to have them! I blame my dad side of the family... We all have this issue and all my aunts had their eyebrows tattooed... oh my gene pool... Photo example I found on google!

SO with that being said... Throughout the years I have had a battle with how I did my eyebrows and you can see it in my videos.. I came a long way LOL!!! I look back on a few photos and I am ashamed of not doing them or doing them in a horrid way... But for now.. I think I have it down to where I enjoy them! I mean its not everyones cup of tea, but I really like straight brows for the time being! I was into that ulzzang korean youthful caterpillar soft looking brows, but no matter how much I tried... It didn't look like that (sobbing)

Here is a video on how I do straight brows! The products mentioned in video I think works perfectly! Canmake srsly caters to your brow needs, but in the states there are a few brands like nyx, anastasia, amazing cosmetics, etc have great ones just at different price ranges! But if you want more gyaru to korean ulzzang inspired I would go for asian products since it would cater to your style better!

Canmake Coloring Eyebrow Mascara 
It is basically eyebrow tinting that is waterproof and also either darkens or lighten your natural hair color! I really like this bc it is not expensive and you get a lot of product and comes in a mascara form so it will coat your brows nicely! 

Canmake Mix Eyebrow Trio Set 
comes in two shades and you can mix the colors to your liking! I like the packaging and how everything is put together! Perfect for gyaru brows! You can easily find this on ebay (linked sellers are in my youtube description)

I hope you guys enjoyed this little read! I will try to blog and do more soon for you guys!

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