I am back! First post for 2014 and updates on me!

by - Friday, January 03, 2014

HUEHUEHUE! I have been gone for a very long time because of hating blogger layouts and getting frustrated with life and all that it comes with it, but I finally feel like... myself again! 2013 was a whirlwind of crazy stress and I just didn't have time to do what I enjoyed doing... which is my online social life with my reader, subscribers, and followers... I just lost my passion in it and  had to grow up in the world? I tried to find myself and did a lot of soul searching and finally... I feel like my life is on track and I am happy once more! With further adieu let me fill you in on life!

2013 is officially over and I welcome 2014 with a lot of promise! I feel like after high school... Life flies by so quickly and Ive been through a lot! My birthday is in a week or so and I'll be 26... yes.... it wasn't too long ago I told myself im turning 25... I am in my mid 20's now and what do I have to show for it??? I was simply depressed in my life and where I was at... no sense of direction just work work work... Not to mention a whirlwind of romantic failures and over bearing parents... It is tough to be me with nothing to show for it... But I came to realize... I cant live this way so unhappy... I needed to change myself, I mean... I am the only person holding myself back! Life isn't guaranteed and I shouldn't waste it right?! I set real goals for myself now and I have something to work hard for... If I want the future I want... I have to keep with the times and make myself into a better, healthier person! I really hope... this year will be good to me and my journey! With that being said... my new year resolution is to keep up with youtube and blogger, get fit for summer, travel and be  happy!

Hehe I also hope you all had a grrrreat holiday as well! My christmas was pretty hectic... took up two jobs so that I can buy gifts for loved ones! I have an extremely large family so ones income needs to be on point to buy things to make them happy hahaha! I am thankful for christmas sales as well! Managed to buy loads of things even at last minute!

I also have a video on what I bought for others and what I got for christmas as well!

Been super crazy holday month for me... Cousins from out of state visited and friends wanting to hangout... Chunk of my check went to food and shopping swear! I am literally sobbing for days! LOL! Not to mention I work in retail so... I had to endure the crazy weather, insane customers, and the traffic oh lawdy! But I think it was all worth it I mean all the good food and company... Not complaining hehe

I also got myself a new dslr camera (FINALLY) so i will be taking better photos and putting them on blog plus do more product reviews since... I work in cosmetic world now and you guys know I am such a hoarder with makeup LOL! I will also try to vlog more... On my voyage of changing myself, there will be mini episodes on food and diets and life so look out for that!

With that being said... I hope you all had a great year and good luck to 2014! I will try my hardest to keep you in track with my life and what I have to offer!

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