New TooFaced Goodies! Sweetheart, Bulletproof, Instant Atitude, and Chocolate Bar

by - Monday, January 20, 2014

I have to say... I am a sucker for packaging and Toofaced most def got it down! I just adore their sweetheart collection and it would go perfectly for valentines *cough* would also make a nice gift for such a holiday if you know what I mean! Went to ulta and saw a few new items on display!

All the new goodies are so cuteee! the chocolate bar palette actually smells like chocolate! Plus the colors are really nice as well! They also have brow gels in two shades and also a highlighter im really excited to try everything out!

Here are the swatches from the palette! it is really really pigmented and there are a few that has that chunky glitter I am not too crazy about, but the other swatches are nice! there is a couple mattes and nice shimmer ones and again... it smells like chocolate!!!!

Bulletproof Brows 
Is a gel type consistency and also comes in two shades! Taupe and brunette the packaging itself is nice as well and comes with a dual side brush.

Instant Atitude
Basically a highlighter for underneath your brows or even highlight your eyes! Almost like a jumbo pencil and instead of the usual pink shade as a highlight with most brands this one is a cream color.

Sweetheart Perfect Flush
There are two new shades! Something About Berry and Peach Beach! These colors are really pretty comes in 3 shades in the cute little heart box! Has sort of this little sheen to the blush, but its bearable~

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