Need to get my life on track asap!

by - Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hello my sweet! If you havent seen my twitter as of lately I have decided to take a hiatus from online life such as blogging, youtube and such! I just feel like Ive done it for a long time now and I need to get my life situated? Been comfortable with where I am at yet I am really unhappy... Not to mention I am not keeping up with my new year goals... So I am going to start cleaning up my life with no distractions and stress! If it was possible, I would make youtube videos all the time! Believe me thats a dream job... to just make videos and vlog, but I have bills to pay and my job is a 9-7 6 days a week so its really hard to find the time to make videos or have time to myself.

I do enjoy online life it is so fun! I am getting older now and idk if I am going through mid life crises, but being 25 is freaking me out... I dont really have anything to show for it??? I didnt hit it big or doing what I thought I would be doing so with that being said... I have to break old habits, keep myself fit and healthy, make big monies and of course happy.

I will periodically post up whatever videos I have stored on my laptop, but I will not be making more until I am comfortable with my life and met certain goals! I wont be gone for too long! Hopefully by next year things will be smooth sailing! Until then.... I hope you all live well and happy! I'll be back soon! Much love and thanks!

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