ulzzang obsessed?

by - Tuesday, December 30, 2008

ahem ahem! made a vid for one of my viewers :] i dont mind doing requests its just takes me awhile since im always working, but this request was fairly easy and another girl requested eyeliner techniques so this is a good bingo!

buttt other than that... how was christmas for all of you beautiful ladies? i enjoyed mine very much! spending time with family from dads side always makes me happy and a bit sad since i only see them on the holidays... they are so grown and ahhh i still think of them when they were younger... but i mean i shouldnt say that... i hate it when ppl say that to me, but i just dont know! im not the party type of girl... im more of a big sister and very protective over my family... when im older ill prob have a million kids D;
lol my bf prob might... like that T_T have you ever watched korean drama got married or something like that? its soooo cuuuute! i love ittt! i want something like that... have a wonderful sweet husband cough cough* ;D

i also went to hmart and did purikuras with the cousins that are out of state and couple that we havnt seen in awhile so taking them out for pictures and stuff to catch up on old times and have funnn hehe. i bought lashes and some korean hair oil that came with conditioner? wish i asked her for directions or something -_-;;

anddd finally today... i went to joanes bc i wanted to deco my phone? and make a hime mirror! dont really feel like making it right atm... i was cleaning my room but i ended up just fixing my video and writing in my blog??? im bad i know.. i need to buy containers and organize myself better! thats my new years resolution! be more organized and lose weight :D:D:D:D

okie ladiesss i think ill be heading to bed! bf is snoring on phone so cuuuute! hes going to wake up in... an hour to take his mom to maryland? to go site seeing waha i told him to take the 5 hr drink... i wonder if it works ._. hehe ehhh im sending packages for him and others tomorow... so late... i never have the time to do it D; so yeah sending his off and i decided to doodle all over it lilke a love sick child mhm!
night night

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