sorry ive been away for so long

by - Wednesday, December 24, 2008

im starting to like feel so happy that christmas is here! no more crazy bitchy people coming into the store or finding a parking spot for half an hour... i sure will miss that! but then again... i got alot of presents from my co workers and managers so i was happy i love the harajuku bracelete and all the chocolates yummm!! i got them spa certificates, candy, and stuffed bears hehe :D i cant wait for tomorow! im so broke its amazing! i still need to get my sister, dad, and brother something... got my mom a brush set well the one i bought for myself... stupid thing... went down to 99 bucks!!!!!!!! wth... 150 to 99... -_- so i snagged one for mom got my other brother some contacts hehe
but ill do all the i.o.u pressies over the weekend since there will be like mega sales! mom is prob at walmart right now doing last minute shopping... i swear she does this all the time... cant stand it! why are viet parents so cheap? or is it just my fam? i mean my dads side of the fam... last year my aunt gave us scratch card and some damn indian coin shit... wth? and my mom is like... idk... maybe thats why they are rich... stingy ppl LOL :D

mmm... so tonight... is festive! matching pj's (lol the big one is 28... wearing a kids xl LOL)and opening one gift at midnight how lovely is that? my little cousin that i bought the dress for... looks like a little old lady ha! she is so cute... her hair i wish it was longer! why do white babies look so darn cute in the ads? and when i buy it for my cousins... they look so odd... hehe haha! i guess they have to be a little pudgy? sorry... just rambling...
anywho! hope u gals have a wonderful christmas! i think tomroow we are having viet food ._.
frying like meats and seafood and making wraps? ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! dont like it but i cant complain? i have no idea what i want to wear tomorow! T_T
god bless!

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