my little haul and pressies

by - Sunday, December 14, 2008

my hubby is so cuuuute hehe i finally got his box that butt face! haha he makes me want to do art again sometimes... but i just dont have the supplies? but yeah i love hello kitty! and the one next to hello kitty says ur sucha boob... um its our nick names? idk? he started calling me boobie cuz he was watching the descovery channel and they did a seg on the blue footed boobie bird and some how... that reminded him of me??? so the name stuck and i started calling him boob so yeah its odd...
anddd heres the things that was in the box ;D bears, hello kitty stuff, phone/key charms, books, socks, shirt, card, and photos. just alot of cute things hehe :D i wish i took a pic of what i sent him... it was like... alot of panda stuff? panda notebooks, tissues, cookies and other stuff hehe mmm my keys way so much now... i only have three keys and a key wallet thingy... rest is like hello kitty and cow light LOL! my little brother wanted to open the box with me and he kept messing with the cow... and my bear came naked? so he dressed him up for me... its supose to resemble my bf? ghetto nurse dork? haaaaa :D but yeah this is the box he sent me! so happy... i love my socks laaaa~

ok soooo i went shopping again.. so i dont think working at the mall isnt sucha good idea... i keep spending! T_T but i mean i was out of brush cleaning stuff and my wipes... lotion and shower gel was on sale?! plus i like the smell... mmm... apple pomegranate waha

sephora hair glitter for the holidays... plus it was on sale! 10$! and i got some hairspray for purse... if u know me... i love to carry big bags with my life in it? hairspray, comb, hand sani, lotion, hair stuff, band aids, makeup... contact case and solution... LOL it goes on!

i guess its mostly sephora stuff... i love these palletes! they are so pretty and glittery! i hate my camera it doesnt show it well boo~ shimmer shimmer shimmer!

last but not least? dior night diamond! was on sale 80 to 50? its all over shimmer mmmm!!! i love the caseeee! so cute... and i also bought three sephora blockbuster eyeshadow, lip and all that good stuff for my fam... so i spent... 200 something T_T and on friday i spent... 300? ehhh ahhhh! oh well... tis the season... :p night loves!

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