christmas list

this is i guess a list for me to keep up with and anyone who wants to get me something hehe! i love christmas time! the lights, the music, family get togethers, and the mall 1. gift cards! (forever21, sephora, banana rep, etc)

2. james avery sterling silver star earings $37

3. juicy couture ring key fob $65

4. juicy couture mini digital photo frame fob $65

5. juicy couture velour cell phone case $85

6. jucy couture ring bling day dreamer tote $225

7. ed hardy "tyla" large satchel $300

8. return to tiffany double heart tag pendant $225
9. tiffany heart wire ring $175

10. classic tall uggs $160 or the short uggs :D

Phiphi Nguyen


kawaiikao said...

OOH! my boyfriend got me the jc daydreamer tote for xmas!! i love the huge ring on it! ;D i went with him to pick it out hahaha! we have good taste!

Roxanne Alyssandra said...

I <3 the jucy couture ring bling day dreamer tote.
My fiance got me one for xmas! I hope you get your too, I am sure you will ^___^