snotty sales ppl? and my haul ;D

i don't get it... i went to the galleria mall today to do some holiday shopping and omg i swear i get so high when i go there! all the shops! just being in the mall makes me all warm and fuzzy :D
but yeah... i went into like... Gucci, versace, louis vuitton, saks? i get like can i help u with like a snot ass face! i mean... why is that?? i mean your an effing sales clerk... why act all high and mighty?? its not like... you own the freakn line -_- i mean i shared my retail experience for sometime now and i mean come on... customers are customers... i get the rude ones from time to time, but i still have a smile on my face and do what i can... snotty sales ppl.. make me so mad bleh -_-
sorry... little um anger releasing there haaa but yeah galleria mall i love it! its an hour away from me, but i just love the three stories of goodness!!! i spent... 300 today T_T

i bought philosphy foaming daily cleanser, smashbox rapture flawless finish primer set, caudalie beauty elixir, too faced shadow insurance, ysl toner, mac fluidline, urban decay marshmallow glitter.

the glitter is edible! i wanted a body glitter and sooo i bought this sweet tasting glitter hehe ;D friend was like... is this for ivan (bf)? omg... i swear i screamed no so loud... ppl were like wth... XD my face was so red T_T but yeah... lots of stuff today!

oh gap is having like this four day sale on baby clothes? 30% off sooo the cute little outfit was 90 and with the 30% it went down to like 50 XD

all in all... even if there was snooty ppl around... i had fun just site seeing and shopping mhm! i love dallas... i miss it so much! use to go to the galleria and north park all the time hehe i had sushi too omg soooo yum!! night loves! going to try out my new goodies

Phiphi Nguyen


acutelife said...

I too dislike those arrogant sales ppl -_-" make me reluctant to step into the store. I like the dress :)

Persephone said...

Oh god I had the worst experience with this sale shit person at Saks one day. He looked at me and asked me if I was 18 and can afford this stuff (in front of everyone). WTF!!!!! I wanted to punch his face out. My god, I will never go to Saks again! My purchase pays for your paycheck. You should kiss my feet and call them flowers.

anyways...good post=D