so what ive been up to :]

by - Thursday, January 08, 2009

hey ladies! miss me? work and bills and birthdays (13th) and zits are so lovely this month! i found out my manager is leaving in a week and she was the one that hired me... i was going to cry but i didnt want her to cry... shes like the happiest person in the world i swear! even when shes tired she smiles.. T_T but shes going to better location that fits her sched and budget better? work will be ten minutes away from her so i supose that is good T_T

works been stressful, but i mean it comes with rewards right? lol i bought some stuff today! i forgot to take pics of my philosophy lipgloss for valentines day? its so yum and glittery! i also bought dior pressed powder, shu... uh eyelash curlers the minis, and smashbox blush. ohhh... soo i live with my aunt and uncle and my aunt likes to take my makeup and never return the hooch -_- so i hide makeup that i dont use? idk i buy makeup that looks pretty? HAHA and i found a big bag of it!
hehe im in the pink spirit this month? i bought stuff for comp and a lot of hello kitty stuff! i want to like... have a hello kitty house? mhm! hehe and at work for past couple of days ive been making sample nails a lot of them fell off and in my purse some where... wahah and i decided to deco my sidekick skin with many many rhinestones! im so excited... only have to finish the front and im done!
mmm oh happy late new years! i spent time with my little cousins hehe put some falsies on maddie and shes sucha hooch! i should record her when she starts dancing, but yeah hope everyone had a good time! this year i plan to be healthy and be less lazy! and try to save up ._.

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