doctor doctor is my purse anorexic?

yet another haul ladies? on this most wonderful busiest time of the year... or month i should say... trying to find parking was a @%&^#! but... i bought more makeup for myself. idkk i rather buy bags, shoes, and makeup more than buying clothes? simply bc my work aquires me to wear black so hehe im the most happy when i am shopping ;D

i spent i think 100 something on benefit's erase paste which gives amazing full coverage, makeup forever high definition powder that is a makeup finish, lorac ( i can never say this one right) aqua prime that is oil free and light, too faced first base and its like a shimmery eyeshadow base that i just LOVE! a dior lipgloss in hawaii coco, and nars lipgloss in turkish delight. i think that is so cute for a lipgloss name... but their blushes are kinda dirty sounding ahuh ;D but yeah im starting to love pale pink lips and mixing different lipglosses lately hehe

saving is not in my vocab at all! im about to buy some phone charm stuff for my sidekick on strapya haha! i want to find a kit that i can make little phone charms? im so craft nut... if i knew how to stitch i would so make crafts everyday! i mean look at my nails for instance... they are different every week simply bc i am art craft freak show!

oh yes... so makeup today... i tried to do the dior add in elle and it is beautiful! not so much on me... but i love how it looks a little grungy rockstar looking so i attempted it and well... i guess i should of played with it more but i had to go to work bleh ><;;

hmmm tonight is my uncles white elephant party and they are pretty much all drunk... its about 12 am over here and they are playing all these drinking games... blood shot eyes, crazy pervert smiles, smelly laughs, and loud horny vietnamese people gathered in one spot with the windows open for the neighbors to hear. yeah... its a wonderful day ;D i feel like a loner dark depressing girl in my room writing in my blog right now haha! i like drunk people though... they tell funny stories ;D

i need to buy myself a journal to write personal things... i just feel better when i write it out, it makes me feel better. welll im getting a little sleepy... got work in the morning boo~ sweet dreams my loves!

Phiphi Nguyen


kawaiikao said...

love the dark eyes and glad to see you blogging again :]

Kimberly Tia said...

Wow you did a fantastic job on your eye makeup!!!

and dior lipgloss is YUM. and i love going to Strapya, they have soooo many cute things on there, and great prices!!!

lilnigglet said...

lol babe soorry i've been away from this site.. mmmm loooool omg.. ur lips.. volumptious! <3333

hehe.. well mk.. ur uncle always be drunk.. and loud at same time.. omg.. i can hear em on my end of the phone!.. lol but yehh..

i'm gonna be busy this next 2 weeks cause of tests and finals soo sorry if i seem to act strange or just feel tired all the time or stressed or angry or.. yeah.. mk?

lub you. :]<3

marnibarney said...

i just recently found your blog and i'm subscribed to your youtube. i was wondering if you could do a review on the nars turkish delight lip gloss. i was thinking of buying it but not sure if it will look good on my lips. thankies in advanced!