not dead yet! just ranting ;D

by - Friday, December 05, 2008

what a beeeeeeeeeeeautiful friday! got a lot of things to do today since its my only day off boo~
i finally finished my work corner? computer table on one side and makeup table on the other. LOVE IT! i can just turn around and do my thang hehe so i made my makeup table all pretty and what not and omg... so in love with it! i think i need more eye concealer and maybe try out the bare minerals? i heard alot of good reviews and such im just a little iffy with powders... but ill try it out. i really like my dior foundation though~ smells so good :]

mmm what im doing today? going to clean my room for sure and bathroom boo... after that take a bath and do some... kp dudy scrubbin on my... nasty bumpy arms and legs T_T i hope it works! i guess ill do one arm and see the difference! mmm and then i will prob do a makeup vid real quick and go to the mall and do some christmas shopping! everyone is getting tight with their money and ehhh i wish there was a way to make the economy boost up??? ill try to get... as many gifts for my siblings, parents, cousins, aunt and uncle X_X big family aish!

other than that... my nails! im toning it down haha! they just end up breaking or falling apart at work so i just deco one nail with a lot of rhinestones eeeeee! love it... and nail polish is called "who are you wearing" by opi. its a deep purple with some glitter to it loooooooooooooooove it! i love everything... hhahaah! oh and i made a new skin for my phone! its juicy couture hehe! and my phone strap and theme is juicy wahahha ;D

alrighty soooo i was watching some stuff on youtube and found random girls who got famous? for instance like magibon girl?? i think she is cuuuute as a button but all she does is stare at the cam? theres another girl who is british... shes really pretty! i forgot her name blah... last name is wang if that helps? but yeah shes like celeb when shes in hk?! how nifty is that?! and some of the makeup gurus get like... make overs and put in magazines! i think youtube... is a good bingo hehe its like... ulzzang type of stuff... net idols ooo weee! i use to be obsessed with ulzzangs... wanting to be one and just posting myself out there and what not and launch my own clothing line! yup that was like my dream! like imda! and i love mikki and kkr! my favorite ulzzangs! if u dont know what it is... ulzzang means best face and it started to branch off to like other countries? i didnt know vietnamese kiddos getting into it! i love the chinese ulzzangs... they look like dolls! over sea style is the shit? guess u have to whore yourself out there! ;D

ehhh im like.... putting off my cleaning time haha but yeah ladies i do have like 5 vids to edit? maybe ill do it tonight! not dead yet... maybe when christmas comes ;D

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