happy thanksgiving

by - Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy happy happy gobble day! i woke up at 8 to cook up some side dishes! forgot to take pictures... but i left a pretty messy kitchen to clean up later... i mad mac n cheese, green bean cassarole, and apple cream cheese pie? i dont know if its a pie... but idk it was good ha! spent lunch with the family and later on spending dinner time with my dads side of the fam bam! im sooo excited to see them! i love holidays and seeing everyone... makes me feel so warm and fuzzy! i hope all you beautiful girls have a great holiday

took a picture of my cutie patootie cousins! i have a large family... so many cousins that live in my area... haha all of my cousins look so big and sooo adorable! gosh i wish i could spend more time with my dads side of the fam... miss them so much! we only see eachother on thanksgiving and christmas bleh...

sooo day before thanksgiving... who said the mall would be dead?? sure the hell wasnt! busy busy busy! grocery stores was a hot mess and everyone rushing.... i so cant wait for black friday... freakn... people are starting to camp out at best buy already! the hell! brother really wanted to go and get a gps... i have work at ten sooooo i so did not want to stay out in the cold all night... but then again... i did something to the ac?? so the house is like 94 degrees up in here! im like so hot!!!!!!!!!!!! and cooking? i was sweating a storm up in here.... so i barely have anything on right now hahahah!
but anywhoo... i am... so bad... materialistic much? yes... i was exposed since i was a kid... what first grader u know... would have a prada backpack??? yeah... i was spoiled rotten... i still am... cant help it! hehe soooo i bought some wonderful dior items the other day! i needed new foundation and ended up buying a whole lot of other shit! i saw the concealer that... xpink wears? i was about to buy... but i dont think i would wear all the other colors???

i love how it comes in a little pouch! i love shimmer and i wanted a flawless look so i got the poudres shimmer (42) and the sunset cafe eyeshadows (54) i think i will buy the whole line of eyeshadows... i have midnight dust and idk... am i wierd? i just want them all!!!! yeah i think i will buy all hahaha

i bought a new mascara that i wanted to try out! i asked about what mascara wouldnt dry out on me and i used so many already... so the lady recommended fresh to me? i love dior and all its just after a little while it will dry up and cake? and i bought the shu uemura 24k gold limited edition hehe so cute!
yup im in love with dior... and on friday ill buy some skin products too! my skin is like dry combination? idk... just have the t-zone to worry about... i dont really break out much? and only wash my face at night? i use makeup remover wipes, wash my face, serum, night lotion. i want to try out clarines skin care line... friend told me it was better than diors... the cleanser is 3o, lotion is 40 ish, and their serum is 70? and i want to buy the caudalie face scrub and kp duty scrub for my arms and legs >_> ummm yeah i have like yuck bumps on my arms and legs... im like the only one that has it out of my siblings! my litte brother... hes 13 and dirty little thing and he has the skin of a baby!!! im so jealous.... so does my sister... T_T im like the freak show out of the bunch haha
hehe i hope u guys have a good one <3>

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