dry skin?

by - Saturday, November 15, 2008

damn... no more facials for me! freakn nose still hurts! and it was peeling!!! so embarassing! so i this product... feels nice! and it goes on clear so nobody will notice ;D and u can also sleep in it?? GOOD BINGO! my skin is getting dry around the nose so ive been looking at like alot of brands... kinrase? is the shit! but hella expensive! well anywhooo got a sample of that so we will see how it goessss!
i bought a sephora brush set thats 150 and omgggggg.... softest brushes ever! and its a 12 piece set! i cant wait to use it hehe! i know i know... i should be saving... ehhh i just cant wait for the black out week? black friday... door busters... WAHOO! i need a laptop tehehe and yeah... camping out infront of bestbuy wahhaha ;D
so this is just a little update on meee diet... is not doing so well... the pills i take are freakn huge! and im a baby... i hate pills... plus its not coated? so its a ick taste! i just really hope i get through this... all ive been eating lately is eggs eggs eggs and chicken breasts... mhm...

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