beauty and pain

by - Thursday, November 13, 2008

hello ladies! i think im getting better at this html stuff! so i finally did a makeup tutorial for one of my viewers! she started talking to me on aim and she sounds sooo cool :D she told me she watches my stuff and buy what i reviewed? i was like in wow the whole convo! plus her bday is in the same month as me? how cool is that? anyways she made me feel really good inside hehe
so yeah its hime style and main focus was on enlarging the eyes and cheeks.

sorry my hair is messy in this vid... i have like cow lick? in the back of my head! i hate it -_- but yeah this is my hime style and i did the eyeliner a little dramatic, but hey... i like it like that hehe! ohhhh i bought lashes for 4$ and so i bought 36$ worth and she gave me some lotion samples called qiora :DD

oh yes... the beauty pain stuff... i got a hydrating facial and... oh man she killed my nose and killed zits that were barely out yet? i was in pain... i didnt know i had so many black heads! so now i need to get facials every two weeks T_T but other than that i mean the steaming and the massaging was amazingggggg <3

OK soo thanksgiving is coming and winter is when... extra pudge comes in... so i decided to go on a diet? how it works... eating 500 calories a day and the first week.. only protien :D so tomorow i need to buy chicken breast rawr... chicken isnt my fave, but i gotta do what i gotta do XD no fruit, veggies, salads, juice, candy, sugared breath mints (oh man....), sugared gum, alchoholic beverages, biscuits, pasta , rice, beans, cereals, grits, macaroni, breads, desserts, french fries, or pizza............... aw man.... lmao so chicken is my plan for the whole week and drink chicken broth ><;; mmm its supose to detox u sooo im excited about that haaa so i need to go grocery shopping tomorow!

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