lazyness and contest winners

by - Tuesday, November 04, 2008

don't really have the time to make vid or i just dont feel really pretty up to be on cam >_< SweetLisi and second place is blackonyx77 i had a really hard time choosing... but i think these ladies got really into the contest and i love the makeup!!!
i had a hard time shopping ._. i hope that u ladies like your gifts when it comes to u <3>
oh and sara... the brushes i can't live without is my eyeliner brush, my eyeshadow brushes, and bronzer brush :D!!! sorry i don't have the numbers... and they are mac brushes! idk other brushes don't compare!

mmmm got car fixed... 200 bucks! goshhh i want a new car... there goes my money im trying to save up oh well... T_T

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