sorry for being away

by - Tuesday, November 25, 2008

mmmm sorry ladies! getting close to the holidays so im getting more work hours -_-;; but im not complaining! need the money anyways to get some skin care products im having my eyes on! ill prob get everything on friday and maybe some foundation hehe! so yeah this is just update on meeee im very excited for thanksgiving day! get to cook some side dishes haaa i love to cook but not cleaning up the mess ya know??? cooking is so fun just the cleaning up part makes me feel so lazy!
anywhooo i watched twighlight? sorry if i spelt wrong but omg... i didnt think i would like it but it was good! well the guy the main guy is hot... i sure do want me some um of that HA! hes like so effin cute... i want something like that.... ooooo weeee hehe ;D im kinda itchy to go and buy the book, but i doubt ill finish it... im not much of a reader... i think i read one book by myself and finished it... and it was like... documentary on um... it was russian princess girl... anastasia? yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! LOL i like those princess stories or documentaries on like stuff like that... marie antionette um who else... anne frank... just history... yeah ok sounds lame... im like big day dreamer and hopeless romantic just waiting for like some amazing person to come and make my life more exciting hehe ;DDDDD
but yeah... i recorded a couple of videos so i just need to get my lazy butt to edited them! goodnight loves!

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