oh baby lip gloss can only last for so long! useful tips baby!

by - Friday, November 07, 2008

ladiesssssssss soooo ive been looking into skin care lately bc im so not loving my dark puffy circles? so im trying cosmedicine and boscia hehe i hope its working! oh... there was this guy that i guess represented the cosmedicine products and told me some tips! when applying your creams use your ring finger! maybe i should make a vid... yeah i think ill make a vid today haha! but yeahhh go outward then in! train your skin to go inward so u dont cause premature wrinklage... gross! and for neck creams... go up instead of downwards! reverse reverse baby!

ive been trying alot of skin care out dior, bliss, boscia, smashbox, and clinique! my fave as of right now... is the dior hydrate lotions and serum they have! feels... amazing! i think ill buy the face wash too! and for makeup... have u heard of tinting? or staining? im starting to like benefit products! they have this lip staining stuff that last all day! like... my natural lip color isnt so lovely and i got the pink stain and just LOVE IT! i also got smashbox o-glow gloss which is a very pretty pink! comes out clear and it does its thing and turns pink on the lips! good stuff good stuff! oh i got my eyebrows tinted yesterday!!!! yup! after a good ol waxin got them tinted! now it looks like i have eyebrows?! 0_o i swear if u seen me or know me... you would prob see why im so excited to have existing eyebrows... hehe-good mascaras? hmmm ok sooo the best ones to me... are the wet kinds! like sephora's mascaras and the lash blast? they are wet and to me... wont dry or feel dry? but other than that. diors are great! sephora has this mascara mini set so that u can try which one u like :]
-random stuff? did u know u can cure ur stanky feet probs? buy a dioderant? rub it on the bottom of ur foot and BAM no stinkyness? LOL! my aunt told me that one... i was a little iffy but my brother tried it or i made him and he didnt have the stanky! ;D now this one is for ur foot.. dont use the one for ur arms ._. and not

-use hair products! hair seriums, oils, creams, um u know??? its good to have heat protecting stuff! and do some deep conditioning once in awhile! i learned the hard way on hair care... i almost went bald? yeah... never again will i color my hair :D or do extentions... i really do miss feeling like i have full head of hair its just... so embarassing when they start to fall out? and they pull chunks out of your head... i used the fusion ones... clippies i think are so ghetto? why? well sometimes we can see it? well i see it and im like... tease more hair? hide it more better?

-primers are god sent? by the end of the day u wont look a hot mess? or i wont... its goot to have! and gives u such a wonderful glow! ive been trying perfekt(ok), smashbox... has so many! for so many skin types! i love it :D i use the photo finish and the green adjust! now these are for my red blemished face? so these products work out for me ;D and i use the moon beam in benefits and i like how it does give u that pretty glow! but yeah ladies try out smash box and perfekt! those are really good products! and benefits too! starting to love that line!

-circle lenses are a pain... alot of people been asking me where i get them so im going to post it! circlelens2u.com not a great site... prices are lame? 50-60 and they are not sold in pairs? but its the only site i know... im trying to find a cheaper one atm! so there u go! i posted it up! kinda tired of repeating myself? and... they are troublesome... they make your eyes dry out so badly! i can't see without them? isnt that horrible?? im trying not to wear them as much to get my eyes better >_<
well ladies ive been updating this certain post for two days? been working and bleh doing little by little haa well tomorow im off so ill make a vid and get some things done tomorow <3>

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