tour of my room and korean dishes <3

by - Thursday, May 28, 2009

lovely ladiessssss hehe im on a roll! hahaha trying to do everything before the weekend hits hahaha! mmmm i want some curtains... and looking at some room inspirations? i love how japanese girls are so pink... LOVE it. i want something like that... hahaha i just want to be surrounded by pretty things hehe

three days at home feels amazinggg and im finally done with room! just need to do laundry and hang stuff up ahhaha mmmm i still need to buy book case to display some hand bags, get tv and wii set up... maybe all that will be done next week? baby cousins bday is on sunday and confirmation so busy busy!

so i made korean dishes today! my mom had red peper flakes and i didnt know... i had chili flakes and it didnt come out as well? but yeah i made steamed egg, spicey squid, and spicey beef with kimchii and lettuce! it was yummmmm~ siblings dont realy like to venture out... little brats only ate the meat haha but i think i did a pretty good job! mom said that im like my gma... hates cooking, but makes good meals? HAHAH! i do hate cooking... the mess... the dishes... i like to make stuff yeahhh but not so much for the cleaning part ><;; and omggg my nails are like on fire?! and i cant itch my eye T_T i like put my finger in my mouth and oh lord... idk why i did that for... hahaha tongue was burning?

its 2:35 and im here just trying to upload before i go to bed XD busy weekend for me hehe so i hope everyone have a good weekend and friday! i want to tan tan tan since couple of ppl think it looks nice on me =0000 hehe night night~

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