my fab haul

by - Wednesday, May 06, 2009

hehee i was too lazy to upload! but yeah moving progression is so slow... im going to just paint it all pink -_- cant find the color... on the ceiling??? so its just going to be pink hahaha! my room is a hot mess tooo rawr! want it to look juicyyyyyy weee i got a lip gloss ring... thing was on sale and it was staring at me for awhile :D

so fab haul thats been like... building up over the week? smashbox came out with a new mascara called dna and i LOVE IT!!!! makes them look fuller and lovely hehe and there was a couple of things on sale? the bliss youth went to five bucks so i bought four and gave one to mom and granny, and there was these lipsticks by vincent longo and its so creamy and shimmery i love ittt! i think i like it better than diors waha also got the super orgasm and a duo creamy orgasm and beach something... i think ill start buying my blushes from nars... colors are really pretty! got some eyelash curlers since my shu ones are getting pretty old hehe and the halo powder! i think that thing is pretty nifty! it like twists and powder comes out? dont have to shake the darn thing! i got it in a medium thouhg... looks really dark on me T_T

mmm i got the sephora eye makeup remover wipes and dont like them... i also got the facial wipes from... korres i think?? and i like... my sephora ones better than these... i dont really see a whole lot that comes off of both items so eh not loving it! the youth bliss is okiee it has a little smell but it is really rich when u put it on and in my case... i need all the hydration! also got philosophy's marshmallow hand cream and on a clear day havnt opend it yet but it claimes to reduce acne scares, pores smaller and texture hehe

bought couple of brushes since i need... them for certain things hehe ive been itching to get stepling brush for awhile and needed some more to add to my collection hehe the mac hello kitty brush hairs keep falling out D: so i needed some subs

so yeah this is one fab haul right?? smashbox came out with untamed line and its so pretty! and they have an eye brightener~~ so u ladies should def check it out! im not a fan of their liners but they came out with some nice colors and purty blushes! hehe

ill start making vids when i get settled in more mmm... summer is around the cornerrr~ and theres all these new palettes coming out that i want to tryyyyyy! shopping list? LOL prob get it all by the end of the week ;DDDD im like so retard buying so much makeup... i have so many bins... of it! maybe i should do the sale thingie hmmm hehe

the shopping list

  1. urban decay baked palette
  2. dior blackout mascara
  3. lash fusion xl
  4. dior coral riviera blush
  5. smashbox eye bright
  6. flora gucci perfume
  7. laura mercier shimmer bloc in gilded garden & tinted moisturizer
  8. dior earth reflection palette
  9. shisiedo sun care kit

oh and hobby lobby haul! hhahaha omg almost everything was 50% off so a got a lot of decor for the room hehe and crafts for contest at work and i think i spent like 70 for everything :D!!! mmm but sale was over last week lool ><;; should of posted something up here D: but yeah i hope everyone is healthy and well! wash hands and dont share food or drinks with anyone!!! :D flu stuff is scarying me... im like germ a fobe over here... hand sanatizer strapped to me! haha

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