8 dollar dry shampoooooo <3

hehe thats right? so... sephora is doing this thing every month? like a great steal item? last month was the bliss youth cream for 5 bucks and now it is ojons dry shampoo for $ 8 !!!! for the big can! i bought.... 4 bottles? going through it like crazy hehe! im trying to not wash my hair as much? bc i want to start coloring my hair again hehe

update on me? room is going to be finish by this week and u lovely ladies can see the finish product! but yeah im feeling so like... wasting my life away lately... i like work so much! but im afraid that if i quit and other one will lay me off im stuck? future out look is kinda scary to me now T_T idk what im going to be doing or if ill finish school... i want to be comfortable, stress free mmm... wishful thinking? past couple of weeks i feel so empty and its like... kinda sad sometimes bleh i should go out with friends and meet others hehe alrighty night ladies!

Phiphi Nguyen


Yoselin said...

Phi I wish you good luck in whatever you decide to do & I totally understand you about the whole starting and new job & pos getting laid off situation. Our economy is CRAP! If it makes you feel any better, I think you are such a cool & beautiful gal!


Shopn'Chomp said...

Wow, haven't heard about this monthly promo thing at Sephora. Is it in stores only b/c I don't see anything online (or maybe I am looking in the wrong place!)?