spending so much on room!

hello ladiesss sooo yeah spent a lot on paint, furniture, cutesy stuff and im not even done with the closet... i still need to get some containers and dresser haha! going to buy pink bookcase, dresser, wall art to hide paint boo boos, organizer stuff hehe prob go next week... room is almost done! guess ill go to ikea next week and get everything hehe im going to go to the container store and buy me some pink hangers ;DDDDDDDDDDD

i bought a lamp for makeup table, wall art, a chair for makeup table and other stuff i forgot about... haha so yeah my room i hope it doesnt look crazy when im done? my furniture is a dark brown where my bed is a beige color? maybe i should buy brown pillow cases to pull them together... not sure!

going to salon later after i pick up my granmama so she can bless the old house? since my parents are wasting so much money... idk... should of just sold old house first and stayed with family member or get an apartment? but oh well... so going to look for containers, hangers, pick up gma, go to salon, and finish up what i can mmhmmmm thats my whole day for now :D

Phiphi Nguyen


marnibarney said...

everything looks so cute. but then again i just might be biased because i love pink! hahaha.

Pandarah said...

I like the bed :D
It reminds me a little of Marie Antoinette xD

fuzkittie said...

Aw it's adorable!!

tales from an oc cottage said...

Love your room!!

m ^..^

Darling Jennie said...


Darling Jennie said...

Lets go tanning together! I've been trying to work out but it's so hard because I'm a lazy fat ass. Ergh! You make my want to decorate my room now. You should come over to my new place and swim/tan!