which phone should i get? <3

by - Wednesday, May 13, 2009

my sidekick had better days... its starting to be a pain in the patootie?! anyways... my friend got an armani phone off ebay and i was like... OMG I WANT ONE! sooo i searched and searched and found two that i like? but i dont know which one i should choose! i found a hello kitty one and a mickey mouse one? i read a couple of reviews and it was okieeee on the hello kitty? texting sucks but it has a stylist so i should be ok and mickey mouse there isnt really a lot... but i like the phone charm and the skins? maybe ill buy both... if i dont like the other? hahaha i can just give it to my sister XDD but yeah... which one should i choooooose?
mickey mouse= 170
hello kitty= 150
i payed... 300 for my sidekick -_- i had blackberry but thats not wat i wanted? they didnt have sk08 so yeah... im like wierdo... T_T could of got iphone but that means i cant have nails on? T_T so yeah... which one hehe
im like almost done with my room! i really want to do stripes... have u seen that xau xie (sorry if i spelt wrong) her room er her walls are sooo cuuuute! i love the stripes!

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