face painting and wonderful sales

by - Tuesday, June 02, 2009

hehe so loren's beday was on sunday and lil mama turned 1! got her cute summer tops and capris! love love love that little mama! we had deco your own cupcake table, card deco with foam letters, face paint, etc haha i got to do all the kids and everyone was like... yelling at me that im taking too long and there was a line? i am... artist... and these things...take time! :p i forgot to take pic of other girls but i did zebras, flowers, cheetah omg i had fun... it was like makeup in a way? loren was sucha cutie and let me do her eye haha and the boys all wanted to be super heros ;D

hahaha i couldnt resist... ive been good so far? didnt spend that much i dont think... but yeahhh! ulta is like amazing? i went for the first time to buy the tanning lotion that the lovely xpink did a topic on and i cant wait to use! i didnt know that they sold like... drugstore brands in there? its convenient i supose :D mmm i also bought lotions with milk stuff in it? hehe and it was buy two get one free :DDDDD loooove it!

sephora i got nail stuff and some blotting papers with vitamins in it sinceeee its summer and its so hot in texas! the colors are amazinggg! mermaid polish can be mixed up? if you put a polish under say like a silver, it looks i guess matalicy ish hahaha it looks cool! and never enough shoes has gold shimmers in it hahaha i just love the names of these polishes! mmmm... some wrinkle stuff and eye creams... i just cant find anything that will work? iceland didnt do much for me... mmm what else ohhh cheek stains are heaven!!!! i love tarts tipsy stain! it last all day for me and that is a good bingo since i touch my face a lot... and idk what i do that... blush and bronzers never stay put for me! so stains are actually pretty amazing :D i love benefits lip stains too mhmmm good bingo!

bath and body works had all this yummy sales! i spent... 50 something and got all these?! i love the packaging! and the sentssssss! honey suckles, japanese cherry blossoms.... cant go wrong with these right? and i wanted to try oils lately... haha more moisture = happy phi :D
im like... dry as hell... like... turtle... haha :D

im making meat loaf today with a lot of sides since brother finally finished school! that boy... is a special one hehe i thought he would never finish since he doesnt really care and kinda those bad boy types... but he finished and he loves meat loaf so im making it for him today! he walks on sunday and luckily i got that day off so im so excited! idk what to get him... maybe an ipod... yeah hahaha he lost his so i think ill just go get it for him :D:D:D:D

alright ladies i hope you have a good week! im trying to be more active with fam and being more productive! helping mom out, being a better person... i think im doing ok so far just a little crabby sometimes... but im trying not to be selfish anymore :]


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