being very productive!

by - Wednesday, May 27, 2009

hehehe fabulous ladies! like the layout? i think i did pretty good today :D weekend is just around the corner and so is pay day! im thinking about using my blackberry again or getting the hello kitty phone... dont really know... my sidekick seen better days! and my insurance sucks butt...

but yeah! mini sephora haul~ since summer is upon us ive been obsessing over bronze look and my hair... really really want to color it! so im being good and not frying it with my flat iron hoho~
mmm toofaced bronze lip gloss.... omg... smells like choco strawberries and i love the color on my lips! smashbox eyebrightner looks a lot better now? more brighter... more glitter just like it so much

mmm posted a vid up for a simple green smokey eye and another one using blues and green for work! it was mermaid theme hehe so i had fun doing this, though at the end of the day... i kept itching or something and smudged my flower T_T so it didnt last long D; oh gosh... im trying to grow out my brows so i can shape them T_T HOT MESS! and in my vid i look like oompa loompa color hahaha i need better lightingggg~

mmm room is about finished! ill do room tour tomorow and maybe another vid if im not lazy ;d
night ladies

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