over due hauls and online purchases

by - Friday, April 03, 2009

so i guess my saving isnt going so well???? i bought so much when i was awayyyyy LOL! there were many sales going on at the time and i couldnt resist? so far i liked everything i gotten? i like the promo benefit was doing? get a bag if u spend 70 i think... dont remember but i love the shower cap! i love everything... haha! only thing that i didnt like was the perricone moisturizer... i guess it was too much i felt really icky? so yeah a lot of buys... i think ill start on makeup collection for my own clients and for fun with friends and fam? hehe forgot to take pics of other stuff and pretty lazy right now eh 3 am and im still up... looking at makeup online! fuz is like inspiring me to buy online hehe! i cant wait to get in all my online purchases! rawr wish i lived in japan! i want sooo many thingsssss T_T

i think im starting to like browns and more shimmery stuff lately... and begning to be a skincare junkie!!! pink pink creamy shades... i loove diors pigments :D amd MUFE eyeliner is aaaamazing! i like it more than my dior waterproof =0 think ill start using their liners :D and im starting to practice with the liquid liners and i think im getting a hang of it!

went to hmart and did some shopping and purikuras with cousin mmm have u ever been to omi? stuff is amazing! and a bookstore is inside it too??? bought a mag with useful stuff yo! deciding to go into shu uemura products and benefits luminizers hehe! i also bought some circle lenses by new york? something like that... i want more colors! i got blue since it was the only one with a large black ring around it? and it was 20 bucks a pair instead of 20 a lens? they look alright on mmm i want to try the bb creammm! but limited colors? im not the milkiest looking girl... so i dont really want to waste money if it doesnt match boooooo~ ill just stick with dior ;D so yeah i love hmart and the shops around it... bought bf some charms and junk food for his brothers haha maybe the photo guy will give me a job and i can do makeup for people hehe ;DDDDD

mmm school im starting to like going! met some interesting and talented girls that knew how to do the 3d nails? so next week im going to ask her how! i already bought a lot of brushes and some sparkly powders hehe! my current nails is a gold sparkle powder? mom tested it out on me and ive been getting compliments hehe most think its a polish! XD

gah its late and i work later on today T_T muah* muah* night or good morning hehe

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